"Demonstrates how a great story can really juice a film." Four stars! Susan G. Cole, NOW Magazine "Bold, raw and unforgettable. A gritty, fearless, emotionally devastating experience" Sam Hagenlocher, The Uniter "Gripping... The opening ten minutes of this film are a harrowing brush with evil." Aaron Graham, Uptown "Sean Garrity's strongest drama yet... Puttaert and Keenan's courageous performances and Garrity's tightly controlled direction give the film great force." Jason Anderson, Kingston Film Festival "An unabashedly serious film dealing with truly adult issues… Brave and Thought Provoking… gives the viewer the sense that real lives are being lived, not just acted" James Adams, The Globe and Mail "Authentic, often jarring, and undeniably real… stuck with me for days afterwards" Chris Jancelewicz, Moviefone "Extraordinarily taut, tense and raw…a new guerilla film-making" Sean Francis Condon, "Zooey & Adam’s unusual degree of intimacy and emotional power prove that methods like Garrity’s can produce strong results" Jason Anderson, Toronto Star "A daring story… delivered with cinematic flare" Barry Hertz, National Post "A very authentic approach to the art of film-making and a genuine performance from the lead actors… it came off as a documentary, embedding the audience in a realism that depicted the inner turmoil of a young couple with excruciating honesty." Tamara Zdravkovic, Toronto Film Scene "Fascinating… biting realism accented by improvised dialogue and Garrity’s technique of surprising his actors with plot developments. … Admirable in its fearlessness and its technique." Kieran Grant, Eye Weekly "A good film to talk about, an impossible film not to talk about." Bill Sorochan, The Prairie Dog "Absolute authenticity... explores the grey area between fiction and documentary." Eric Shlapack, San Francisco Examiner "A carefully cultivated sense of intimacy accounts for much of this film's power." Adam Nayman, Metro "Emotional realism... describes every couple's worst nightmare." Ben Spurr, Radar "Harrowing Premise, Thoughtful Film" Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press "Lacks the gloss of Hollywood fare, but delivers more intimacy." Mark Medley, National Post "A dark, unsettling film." Brian McKechnie, City TV "Intimate and emotionally real" Alison Gillmor, CBC

"Raw, Authentic, Emotionally Intense" Lindsey Ward, Toronto Sun