The Cast

Tom Keenan Adam Moryss
Daria Puttaert Zooey Havelange
Omar Khan Andrew
Aurum McBride Carl at 5
Sian Garrity Carl at 1
Metropolitan Kinaschuk Carl at 1 month
Eric Blais Parking lot guy who’s not Carl
Helen Cholakis Lawyer
Brad Sawatzky Brian
Yumiko Sakamoto Zooey’s friend with a cute baby
Riko Sakamoto Cute baby
Terry Michalyshyn Rapist who holds adam down (and a mover)
Ryan Mcdonald Rapist who talks a lot (and the other mover)
Chad Hagman Rapist who goes to jail
Kent Suss Daycare worker
Constable Adam Kosarych The cop who does most of the talking
Constable Mike Peters The partner
Dr. Greg Van de Mosselaer The doctor
Dr. Scott Erickson The therapist
Steed Crandell The office cop
Mike Stevens The guy with the messy garage


Sean Garrity Filmmaker